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  1. Tojazahn 1 year ago

    watching porno while coldplay is in background. i don't know how i sense about this

  2. Kijora
    Kijora 1 year ago

    Samplings of one ARE the math, until proven otherwise. They may or may not be other planets bearing life. Yet there are unique things and events in science. Like the beginning of the universe is, in as far we we know, a unique event. Same again, for now the beginning of life.

  3. Digis 1 year ago

    Well tariffs are Still in place, turdope let American dairy in and signed an agreement that gives the other two partners the authority to veto ANY free trade agreement that mexico and the U.S. don't agree with. for any reason. So, obviously the turd's government sure did stick it to Trump.

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